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Category / Accessories

Mix. Match. Clean. Replace.

Accessorise and clean bottles to your heart’s desire.

  • vaso pouch for 400ml

  • vaso pouch for 550ml & 630ml

  • carrying strap wide m 130cm

  • carrying strap narrow m 140cm

  • crystal screw wide cap

  • crystal screw narrow cap

  • crystal hook cap

  • capa hook cap

  • flass cap for 300ml

  • crystal straw set for 350ml & 550ml

  • capa straw set for 400ml

  • capa straw cap with straw set for 400ml

  • cleaning brush

  • tiny mini straw brush (3pcs/set)

  • capa valve rubber (2pcs/set)

  • 3D stickers – mr butter

  • 3D stickers – mr trunks

  • 3D stickers – ms daisy

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