The Story



The beginning of a meaningful journey.
Hi, we are here to take a step more convenient for everyone to do some good and stay hydrated at the same time. You might be wondering how we come about doing it.

It all started when we were on an expedition to start a business. Whilst scouting for ideas, we got really thirsty at one point and truly wished we had brought water with us. Then it got us thinking about portable reusable bottles. Bottles that we can refill, reuse and carry on the go. And the good deed, reducing disposable waste!

We began our quest in 2004 when the idea felt right. But we believed the bottles can do much more. So a year later, we added inspiring messages on the bottles through fun-filled words and art to encourage good habits especially the habit of water intake. This was contagious. And we have not stopped since.

BROS Brand Values - Terence Lee
“It’s cool to bring water wherever you go; portable reusable bottles are the smartest idea after all.”
Terence Lee, co-founder
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