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BROS Capa | Must be Capa!

All-time Family Favourite. Superior quality, assorted capacity, aesthetically inspired.


BROS Crystal | Treasured Moments

The most treasured memories are the ones made with someone you love. What are your fondest memories? Was it the scent of mum’s freshly baked cake, or the warmth of dad’s hand? These simple but precious memories give us a sense of familiarity, a sense of “home”.


BROS Crystal | Fairy Tale With A Twist

Discover the retelling of iconic fairy tales with a twist. Adding just a touch of mischievousness, these cheeky BROS Crystal BPA-free bottles are bound to reignite your childhood stories in a new light.


BROS Luna | Sheer Illumination

BROS Luna, a new star radiance like no other. An embodiment of simplicity and pure elegance, this new range reflects appreciation towards the simpler things in life.


BROS Flass | Duo Intensity

Duo Intensity When Hot Meets Cold Hot and cold. Sleek and Sturdy. Perfect counterparts, ultimate fusion. BROS Flass, a double walled vacuum insulated mug keeps your beverage pipping hot or icy cold for long lasting hours. Insulate hot beverages up to 6 hours and cold beverages up to 12 hours. Our Products ruby jubilee 300ml [...]

Safety Features Kids Water Bottles Must Have

Reusable kids water bottles are more convincing and trendy option for school going children to stay hydrated the whole day. They can get a safe source of drinking water as well as enjoy the chic designs and styles.


How To Teach Your Kid To Drink With Training Cup

Transition from bottle feed to training cup is not as easy as it seems.


How Kids Water Bottles Can Encourage Kids To Drink More

Toddlers and young kids generally avoid water intake and prefer to consume sweetened beverages, which may be harmful to their health.

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