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Light yet durable, sleek yet stylish.

BROS Discovery aluminium water bottles are designed for today’s dynamic urban lifestyle.

Sensible reasons
to own BROS® bottles

Made from 100%
Bisphenol-A (BPA)
free material

Comply with
FDA (U.S.) standard

Comply with
LFGB (Europe) standard

beverage temperature

Eco-friendly paint

Soft sponge cleaning only

reusable and recyclable

Dishwasher safe
(water <95°C)

reusable and recyclable

Swiss made
food-grade liner

Virgin aluminium

Hand wash

Weight 440 g
Nett Weight

175 g


7.3 cm


27.3 cm

Mouth Opening Diameter

4.2 cm


800 ml

Cap Type

Hook Cap





Destination Remarks

Not available for shipping to Indonesia

Frequently Asked Questions

Good products arouse curiosity. At BROS®, we frequently receive questions and feedbacks from you and we absolutely love it. Your comments are very much appreciated and valuable for us in upholding our commitment of ensuring your well being in using our products.

If you have further queries in mind about BROS®, take a stroll at the list of frequented questions that we’ve been asked before. If your queries have not been answered, drop us an email and we will be more than delighted to attend to them.

What is the bottle made from?

BROS® Discovery is constructed from pure aluminium (99.5%) with food-grade Swiss made liner. The bottle body is produced in an extrusion process from a single piece of pure aluminium to create a seamless and pleasing form.

What is the bottle cap made of?

BROS® Discovery bottle cap is made up of food-grade polypropylene (PP).

Is the material tested safe?

Yes. BROS® Discovery bottle has been subjected to stringent lab-tests and it complies with standards of FDA (U.S) and LFGB (Europe).

What paint does the bottle used?

BROS® Discovery bottle is using eco-friendly paint. The motifs and designs were applied using the silk screen printing technique to guarantee high print quality and colorfastness.

How do I wash the bottle for the first time?

All our bottles are responsibly made in a controlled environment. Even so, particles deposition may occur during the manufacturing process. Therefore, it is important to wash your BROS® Discovery bottle thoroughly before your first use.

To clean your bottle for the first time, fill your bottle with soapy water and clean it with a soft brush. Rinse with running water and drain it downward. Repeat the cleaning process. To check if your bottle is thoroughly cleaned, fill bottle with water and then, pour it into a clear glass and see if the water is clear.

Don’t forget to wash your bottle cap too. Once cleaned, leave your bottle and the bottle cap open to dry overnight.

Can I fill the bottle with acidic beverages like orange juice and carbonated drink?

Yes. It is safe to do so. Acidic beverages will not corrode or damage the inner liner of the bottle.

You are advised to finish your acidic beverages within 12 hours of filling the bottle. This is because warmth and oxygen may cause fermentation. In fact, this natural process can occur in any bottle of any material.

Fill the bottle no further than 2 to 3 cm below the bottle neck. Be reminded that you need to release the pressure inside the bottle by gently rotating the entire bottle cap to avoid bursting of the liquid.

Can I fill the bottle with hot liquids or use it like thermos flask?

BROS® Discovery bottle can contain beverages with temperature from 0°C up to 95°C. However we strongly recommends containing beverages with temperature up to 40°C only. This is because BROS® Discovery bottle is single-walled. Filling single-walled bottle with beverages over 40°C pose high risk of burn/scald and may cause discolouration onto the outer bottle paint.

BROS® suggests: If you would like your drinks hot, you may opt for BROS® Flass, a double walled insulated mug which can withstand heat up to 100°C and insulated your hot drink up to 6 hours.

Can I put the bottle in freezer?

No. The force of the expanding liquid during the freezing process may cause the bottle to break apart or to deform.

Is the bottle odour free?

Yes, BROS® Discovery bottle is odour free. However before using it for the first time, we strongly encourage thorough cleaning with soapy water and a soft brush. Drain it downwards and leave the bottle and the bottle cap open to allow air dry.

How do I clean the bottle?

For thorough cleaning, you can use soapy water with a soft brush. Alternatively, you may use an old-fashioned cleaning way by diluting vinegar with water at a 50-50 ratio and soak it overnight. The vinegar will also prevent stains/ corrosions.

Can I wash the bottle using dishwasher?

We do not recommend using dishwasher to wash your BROS® Discovery bottle because the harshness of the dishwasher will damage the eco-friendly paint on the outer bottle.

Why are there stains/ corrosions on the surface of my aluminium bottle after some time?

Stain and corrosions are caused by sugar deposits from coffee, tea, fizzy drinks or fruit juices. To clean, rinse the bottle with hot water, leave open to dry, and store the bottle opened.

To prevent these occurrences, avoid leftover drink to dry out in the bottle, especially beverages with sugar content.

What is the yellowish/ greyish material inside the bottle?

The yellowish/ greyish material inside BROS® Discovery bottle is the inner liner of the bottle.

The interior of BROS® Discovery bottle is layered with Swiss made contaminant-free coating prior to rolling the threaded ring. This also makes the interior of the bottle resistant against acidic drinks. The coating is free of BPA (Bisphenol-A), Phthalate or any other harmful chemicals.

Can dents on the bottle damage the inner liner?

No, the inner liner is highly durable yet elastic. Small dents on the surface of BROS® Discovery bottle will not crack the inner liner, hence the bottle remain absolutely usable.

The paint is flaking off the outside of the bottle. Why?

BROS® Discovery bottle is decorated with eco-friendly paint that is designed to last a long time. However, this eco-friendly paint may prematurely peel off due to scrapes, dents and dishwasher cleaning. Additionally, scratches and dents may cause the outer coating to crack and this allows moisture to penetrate between the coating and the bottle wall, causing the paint to flake.Nonetheless, this does not in any way affect the bottle’s functionality.

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