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Sleek and versatile.

Upgrading your daily essentials with a modern touch.

Sensible reasons
to own BROS HOME glass containers

Made from 100%
Bisphenol-A (BPA)
free material

Comply with
FDA (U.S.) standard

Heat Resistance
-20°C to 200°C

Airtight and leak proof

reusable and recyclable

Dishwasher Safe (make sure the lid does not come in contact with the heating element of the dishwasher)


Oven safe
(excluding lid, <200°c to avoid discolouring)

Freezer safe -20°C

Soft sponge
cleaning only

One-click to open
& close easily

Weight 791 g
Nett Weight

211 g


16 cm


16 cm


8.3 cm


1250 ml

Cap Type



Food Containers

Destination Remarks

Not available for shipping to Brunei, China, Indonesia, and Singapore.

Frequently Asked Questions

Good products arouse curiosity. At BROS HOME, we frequently receive questions and feedbacks from you and we absolutely love it. Your comments are very much appreciated and valuable for us in upholding our commitment of ensuring your well being in using our products.

If you have further queries in mind about BROS HOME, take a stroll at the list of frequented questions that we’ve been asked before. If your queries have not been answered, drop us an email and we will be more than delighted to attend to them.

What is BROS HOME glass container made of?

BROS HOME glass container are made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass.

What is special about BROS HOME glass container?

Borosilicate glass is known for its superior durability, relatively high chemical and heat resistance.

Is the material tested safe?

Yes. All BROS® products including BROS HOME glass container have been subjected to stringent lab-tests. Both raw material and their actual units complied with the standards of FDA.

Can I put BROS HOME glass container in freezer?

Yes. BROS HOME glass container can withstand heat change from -30°c to 400°c.

How do I clean BROS HOME glass container?

Remove the lid from the container. Rinse both the lid and the container running water. For thorough cleaning, use mild dish soap and soft cleaning sponge. Then, drain the glass container and lid downward and leave them for complete dryness. 

Can I wash BROS HOME glass container in dishwasher?

Yes. BROS HOME glass container is dishwasher safe. For the lid, make sure it does not come in contact with the dishwasher heating element. 

Can I sterilize BROS HOME glass container?

Yes. BROS HOME glass container can be sterelized as it can withstand heat change from -30°c to 400°c. (exclude the lid) 

Is BROS HOME glass container microwave safe?

Yes. BROS HOME glass container can withstand heat change from -30°c to 400°c. (exclude the lid)

How often do I need to replace BROS HOME glass container?

Replace your glass container if any crack found on the inner/outer surface.


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