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Boys! Suit up your BROS bottles to be as cool as yourself. Let BROS 3D Stickers: “Mecha Mecha”, “Bitty Bots” and “Transportations” do the little tricks. You have bottle, I have bottle but mine got stickers!

Don’t forget to take a look at the new “Robot” BROS Crystal bottle, the stickers work well with it!

Check out all 12 sets of the new BROS 3D Stickers & 6 new BROS Crystal bottles made special available for your sticker fun time! Same Same but Different!

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Sticker Fun Time!

Come personalise your BROS bottles with BROS durable & waterproof 3D Stickers! Kids will be so happy to tell “Mine Got Stickers!” BROS, same same but different!

Sensible reasons
to own BROS® bottles

Recyclable packaging

Not suitable for kids age 3 and below

Weight 25 g
Nett Weight

15 g


Kinda Special, Kids

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