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Feature / Kids

For kids and the kid in you.

Encourage water intake with cute graphics and aid the very little ones to kick-start their drinking lessons.

  • ms daisy 350ml

  • ms button 350ml

  • mr tinker 350ml

  • mr tamacop 350ml

  • it’s a good day 550ml

  • box wonderland 550ml

  • powdered snow 550ml

  • knitted clouds 550ml

  • Six 400ml

  • Three 400ml

  • Two 400ml

  • Catch the Stars 400ml

  • Raining Day 400ml

  • Ms.Button – Sweet Tooth 450ml

  • Mr.Tamacop – Captain Justice 450ml

  • Kasa Obake 550ml

  • magilion 400ml

  • Little Mermaid 400ml

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