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Series / Capa / Transparent water bottle with design

Aesthetically inspired. Clearly refined.

Liven up your water drinking experience with more refined mouthpiece and be inspired by the expressive art on Capa clear bottles.

  • Six 400ml

  • Three 400ml

  • Two 400ml

  • Catch the Stars 400ml

  • Raining Day 400ml

  • Succulent Blooms 800ml

  • Hover 800ml

  • Waiting to see you 800ml

  • Clair de Lune 800ml

  • Jumping Rope 800ml

  • Make Waves 800ml

  • Cotton Dreams 1000ml

  • Adrift 1000ml

  • Fearless 1000ml

  • Gentle Giants 1000ml

  • Hide & Seek 1000ml

  • Stay Determined 1000ml

  • Winter Wheat 1500ml

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