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Feature / Basic

Simplicity. Is more.

Minimalist water bottles with no fancy illustrations. Specially designed for those who agree that simple is beauty and less is more.

  • Winter Dream 400ml

  • Spread Your Love 800ml

  • Slice It Up 800ml

  • Diamond 800ml

  • Caramel Pudding 800ml

  • azure 350ml

  • scarlet 350ml

  • lavender 350ml

  • rosemary 350ml

  • i am beautiful 350ml

  • i am fabulous 350ml

  • i found myself 350ml

  • crystal lake 450ml

  • ocean jasper 450ml

  • smoky quartz 450ml

  • sweet iris 450ml

  • code red 400ml

  • yellow submarine 400ml

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