Feature / 2020 Home Is _______. Collection

Malaysia is home to many things: the King of Fruits, the world’s largest flower, the Malayan Tapir and many more, but essentially it is home to all Malaysians. BROS’ 2020 “HOME IS _______” collection is a reminder of home as it chips in our appreciation on the beauty of this uniquely multi-faceted Malaysian culture, whether it be a pattern, an object, a type of food, a place or a memorable story. It aims to raise a social dialogue on what Malaysia is within the hearts of Malaysian, engaging everyone to discover the details of our somehow cluttered but often overlooked everyday life.

The collection consists of 60 water bottles, each with a different story. We also collaborated with 4 local artists – fritilldea, Ranerrim, Brindha Kumar and Loka Made on the Limited-Edition “Artist Series”, to share their perspective on what “HOME IS _______”. It’s a collection to celebrate being Malaysian and a slice of real Malaysian life.

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