• BROS x LOKA MADE Heritage bundle

    HOME IS heritage. Rediscover the little moments by exploring the most familiar places in our everyday life. Continuing our efforts this Merdeka to promote local brands, we’re partnering up with Loka Made, a creative brand known for their series of collectibles featuring local elements with a twist of fantasy and creative imagination.

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  • BROS x KINTRY Snacks Bundle

    In every Malaysians’ culture, celebration means food. Our diverse culture has allowed us to savour all sorts of cuisines from different heritage, anywhere and anytime. Honouring our passion towards Malaysian flavours, we are celebrating this Merdeka with more food.

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  • Celebrate Malaysia with BROS

    Remember the time when you tried to save an extra few cents from your pocket money just so you can buy your favourite ‘snek’ from the nearest kedai runcit? As we celebrate this Merdeka, our mission is to bring you back down memory lane, reminiscing every little bit of your childhood memory.

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  • BROS x APOM Slang Bundle

    Being Malaysian, Rojak culture has always been part of our daily life; whether it’s the food that we eat or the colloquial phrases that we use, our diverse population has made us all uniquely Malaysian.

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  • Gifts of Hope

    You Buy, We Donate

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  • BROS 321 is Back

    Time for you to do some spring cleaning and keep Mother Earth happy by recycling! See you at 321!

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  • Dad, surprise!

    In the month of June, we celebrate and honour another important person in our life – DAD. If you’re having a hard time finding ways to show your love to your Dad, no worries, we gotcha!

    Surprise him with a cool BROS water bottle to remind him that you’re his favourite child, while he sips on his favourite drinks. We have pre-selected a list of Father’s Day gifts Dad might like, and you get a 20% off these selections from 9 June – 21 June 2020.

    Happy Shopping!

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  • Beria-Ria Raya with BROS Food Container

    Make your kitchen hassle-free and keep those Raya food fresh with our assorted selection of food containers. Enjoy a Ria-Raya 30% OFF total cart with any purchase of these kitchen essentials.

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  • Make your Mum smile this Mother’s Day

    Feel the love in the air this Mother’s Day! Even the modest Mums need a thank you every now and then. Pamper your Mum with a thoughtful gift from BROS to cheer her up! Now, making Mum smile has never been so easy.

    P.S We’re also partnering with Cake Together and HERMO for a little surprise to jazz up your Mother’s Day celebration! All you need to do is to hit that checkout button!

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