• Which is the best food container?

    Our customer frequently asked us about what is so good about BROS Home. Instead of telling you how good we are, let’s us show you the characteristics of each container which will help you find the container that is best suited to your needs.

  • Is product quality important?

    Is product quality important? In fact yes, what we consume into our body will directly affect our health.

    It is something that people tends to ignore until their health is affected.

  • Bottle Cleaning Tips and Tricks

    Customers always ask us. How do they keep their bottle clean and odour free? Ta da! Here are some tips of tricks

    No need to thank us, you’re welcome

  • Why Should We Reuse?

    Everyone could play a part in preserving our environment and everyone can starts by picking up the habit of reusing the things around us.

  • BROS Blog- How to teach your kid to drink with training cup

    How To Teach Your Kid To Drink With Training Cup

    Transition from bottle feed to training cup is not as easy as it seems.

  • BROS Blog- How kids water bottles can encourage kids to drink more

    How Kids Water Bottles Can Encourage Kids To Drink More

    Toddlers and young kids generally avoid water intake and prefer to consume sweetened beverages, which may be harmful to their health.

  • BROS Blog- How Kids Water Bottles can make Kids Healthier

    How Kids Water Bottles Can Make Kids Healthier

    Kids used to play and exert extensively at playgrounds in school for sports as well as for leisure activities. They get exhausted and extremely heat up during play time that can lead to dehydration that is not good for health. To cool down high heat, kids water bottles should be an imperative part of playground [...] More
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