• BROS Crystal | Treasured Moments

    The most treasured memories are the ones made with someone you love. What are your fondest memories? Was it the scent of mum’s freshly baked cake, or the warmth of dad’s hand? These simple but precious memories give us a sense of familiarity, a sense of “home”.

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  • BROS New In - BROS Crystal | Fairy Tale With A Twist

    BROS Crystal | Fairy Tale With A Twist

    Discover the retelling of iconic fairy tales with a twist. Adding just a touch of mischievousness, these cheeky BROS Crystal BPA-free bottles are bound to reignite your childhood stories in a new light.

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  • BROS New In - BROS Luna | Sheer Illumination

    BROS Luna | Sheer Illumination

    BROS Luna, a new star radiance like no other. An embodiment of simplicity and pure elegance, this new range reflects appreciation towards the simpler things in life.

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  • BROS New In - BROS Flass | Duo Intensity

    BROS Flass | Duo Intensity

    Duo Intensity | When Hot Meets Cold Hot and cold. Sleek and Sturdy. Perfect counterparts, ultimate fusion. BROS Flass, a double walled vacuum insulated mug keeps your beverage pipping hot or icy cold for long lasting hours. Insulate hot beverages up to 6 hours and cold beverages up to 12 hours. Our Products ruby jubilee 300ml [...] More  →
  • BROS Spout | Sip ‘Till the Last Drop

    Drink with ease with BROS Spout water bottles. Made from Eastman Tritan™ copolyester, these BPA free water bottles feature a spout cap that makes drinking easier while you are on the go. All you have to do is simply pick it up, flip it open and sip ’till the last drop.

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  • BROS X World Vision | Give Water Project

    If you can give joy to someone, will you do it? Clean water quenches thirst. It gives joy. But not everyone os fortunate as you and I to have easy access to clean and safe water. This Christmas, instead of teddy bears and flowers, why not give glasses of water to thirsty communities? Give Water Project [...] More  →
  • Mug2go Lite | Mug On One Hand, Smile On The Other

    Awesome mug for awesome people. Perfect to hold cold drinks without wetting your hands, and hot drinks without burning your fingers.

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  • Kristal Klear | Art In New Clarity

    Kristal Klear the all new series form BROS, illuminates clear radiance from its BPA free crystal clear body while painted with enchanting and expressive art in various motifs and styles. Just like an art piece, it's truly an aesthetic pleasure. Better designed, more refined, aesthetically inspired. More  →
  • Crystal Plus+ | Water Up With Canimals

    Water up with Canimals Canimals are in town now and they are here to add a little bit more colour and fun to your boring daily water intake routine. Join pretty Mimi, playful Oz, incredible Fizzy and many more playful Canimals to discover a healthy and happy world with the crystal clear BROS Crystal Plus+! More  →
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