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    3D Stickers in the house!

    Let’s personalise our water bottles with the BROS new water-proof & durable 3D Stickers!

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    BROS Capa | NEW Capa is BIGGER!

    If you haven’t known Capa, now is the best time to look out for our new 2000ml capacity. Not only it is a new bigger capacity to keep you hydrated, check out the 3 designs, there is one that is definitely suit you!

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    BROS Vaso | This is Glass

    Up, closed & personal

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    BROS Flip | Flip It Up and Drink

    BROS Flip. Just a push of button, sip and get yourself hydrated! With the newly improved protective bottle spout design, it solve your hygiene concern of sipper exposure. Even better, the grip design allows the bottle to stay within your grasp. Easy, hygienic, and secure; the series feature a wide range of designs to suit your everyday mood. Keep hydrated and stay stylish effortlessly with BROS Flip.

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    BROS Wego | Closer

    As you make your way through your everyday motion, BROS Wego meld effortlessly in your life like second nature. Featuring soft yet durable silicon strap and dual mouth that makes it easy to fill and wash, BROS Wego is the ideal hydration partner for all occasions. From daybreak to sundown, from work to play, wherever you go, we go.

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    BROS Crystal Flip | Get Moving

    Need a little push to stay at the top of the game? Whether you are running on the treadmill, or hiking up the hill, or even at the boardroom, these bottles carry words of encouragement to feed your mind and at the same time, filled with drinks of your choice to hydrate your body. Shop [...] More  →

    BROS Capa | Must be Capa!

    All-time Family Favourite. Superior quality, assorted capacity, aesthetically inspired.

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    BROS Crystal | Treasured Moments

    The most treasured memories are the ones made with someone you love. What are your fondest memories? Was it the scent of mum’s freshly baked cake, or the warmth of dad’s hand? These simple but precious memories give us a sense of familiarity, a sense of “home”.

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  • BROS New In - BROS Crystal | Fairy Tale With A Twist

    BROS Crystal | Fairy Tale With A Twist

    Discover the retelling of iconic fairy tales with a twist. Adding just a touch of mischievousness, these cheeky BROS Crystal BPA-free bottles are bound to reignite your childhood stories in a new light.

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