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  • Yee Sang 撈生

    Usher in the Year of Rat with a prosperity toss of the Yee Sang! Yee Sang is a common CNY dish in Malaysia, that symbolizes abundance and prosperity, with each element on the plate make up a blessing for the New Year. Home-made Yee Sang is simple, healthy and by far the best Yee Sang we’ve ever tasted! (It’s true, we’ve tried.)

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  • Almond Florentine Brittle 杏仁瓦片

    Learn how to bake Almond Florentine Brittle this CNY! These crisp almond brittle are delicious and easy to make, share it with family and friends during this festive season.

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  • The CNY Sale is here!

    FREE Ang Pao(s)! Isn’t it boring to always see those generic designs for Ang Pao every year? We have decided that this year we are going to give out our own BROS Ang Pao(s)!

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  • A Frosty Malaysian Christmas

    Enjoy a fun and ‘frosty’ Christmas with an extra Malaysian touch this holiday season! Crafted with love and creativity, celebrate the small little things in life with a piece from BROS. There’s always something for everyone!

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  • 11.11 Sale!

    It’s what you’ve been waiting for all year long and here it is once more! Shop to your heart’s content with all the 11.11 special deals waiting for you!

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  • 2020 HOME IS _______. COLLECTION

    Our 2020 collection finally launched. Inspired by everything uniquely Malaysia, BROS’ “HOME IS _______” collection is a reminder of home as it chips in our appreciation on the beauty of this uniquely multi-faceted Malaysian culture. Scan the QR code the bottles to check out the story behind every design!

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  • #FPX MyCyberSale Asia

    #FPX MyCyberSale Asia starts now! It’s what you’ve been waiting for all year long and here it is once more! Don’t leave your shopping cart empty

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  • Which is the best food container?

    Our customer frequently asked us about what is so good about BROS Home. Instead of telling you how good we are, let’s us show you the characteristics of each container which will help you find the container that is best suited to your needs.

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    Enjoy 40% discount on your cart total from 31st Aug – 2nd Sep 2019 when you add in at least 1 BROS Bottle and 1 BROS Home product! Get FREE shipping when you spend over RM80. T&C apply.

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