It is really not so hard to be nice. Our parents have always taught us to lend a helping hand to those in need. And we have practised giving and sharing long before we can even remember. Now, that we are grown-ups, we believe we can help a little more. So we took part in serving the community to make life a little bit better.

BROS Love - WWF Malaysia Campaign

WWF Malaysia (2009 – 2013)
We have helped to raise funds for environmental and community programmes through initiatives of the BROS-WWF campaigns. We have promoted the usage of reusable water bottles to reduce disposable waste by printing appealing illustrations and inspiring messages on the water bottles. We support WWF by channelling part of the proceeds from every BROS-WWF bottle sold at the WWF merchandise store and also at our own retail outlets. Double the aid, double the fund!

BROS Love - World Vision Malaysia Campaign

World Vision Malaysia (from 2009)
Our hearts have been extended to World Vision Malaysia’s Gifts of Hope. We have raised funds for clean water and sanitation system for the underprivileged community through campaigns like ‘Click Water Project; donating RM0.50 per LIKE on our Facebook page and ‘Give Water Project’; contributing with a series of BROS-WVM reusable water bottles with limited edition designs during the campaigns. Also, a portion of proceeds from BROS-WVM bottle sales at our retails and vendor participation goes towards supporting their work.

BROS - Hands Percussion Campaign

Hands Percussion (from 2012)
We heard about their Balik Kampung community project in 2012 and have been part of it ever since. As a means of supporting this work, we have designed BROS-HANDS reusable water bottles to be supplied to their fund raising road shows, and these bottles are also made available at our retail outlets. Part of the proceeds sold at our retail outlets goes to their fund. And that’s the least we can do.

BROS Love - Live Project

Live Project (from 2010)
We absolutely love to collaborate in Live Projects organised by local institutes. It is an industry-based educational programme that provides hands-on practice and work exposure to participating students through ‘live’ industry scenarios and real clients. Collaborating in Live Projects as the client, we start off with a design brief to inform students of our design requirements. Then, we will guide and supervise students throughout the design process in workshops led by our team of designers. The lecturers and us, the client, will give feedback and constructive criticisms during their final artwork presentation at the end of the programme.

Through the programme, students will be industry-ready way ahead of their time and we will gain new inspirations as we exchange ideas and share real life industry practices. The benefits are mutual. This project is a way of supporting the local and art education and we definitely have all the motivations to undertake many more Live Projects in time to come.

BROS Love - Ban Ban Edutalk

Ban Ban Edutalk (from 2010)
It is good to start healthy habits from young, especially instilling the habit of water drinking. So, we decided to do a small part in moulding the hope of the future by starting with kindergartens around Klang Valley. We teach pre-schoolers the practice of drinking water all day long and why drinking water is so important. Ban Ban, the mascot and interestingly fun-filled educational activities make the lessons easy to understand. Helping children understand motivates them to drink more water.

BROS - Zoe Au
“We hope to inspire everyone to do the same. Because it feels good to be nice.”
Zoe Au, co-founder
“It is emotional knowing that our little act of giving meant so much to others. The big smile is a spark of hope and gratification.”
BROS® Team
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